What kind of military experience do I need?

To register with Military Film Services you must have been trained by, and have served with, any of the armed forces (roles within SCO19, The Security Service and The Secret Intelligence Service will be considered).

Whilst certain films will have very specific requirements i.e. an army medic, a Royal Marines Commando, a sniper etc, most films that we supply extras to just require a generic ‘Military’ person. This may mean that an ex-Para may be playing the part of a futuristic US Marine in a sci-fi film, or a RM driver could be playing a part in the French Foreign Legion. What most films care about is if you look right for the role.

Do I need acting experience?

No. If the films wanted actors, they’d hire actors. Whilst there are certainly very talented and experienced Extras/Background Artistes, you do not need to have acting experience.

If you do have acting experience, or find you have suitable talents, there may be opportunities for small speaking roles. You will often be paid extra if you end up doing gestures, vocals or spoken roles on screen.

What kind of films will I work on?

We supply extras and advisors to all kinds of films, television productions and commercials. They are not limited to ‘War’ films. We have had people in Sci-fi films, Spy-thrillers, Superhero-action films, horror films and war films – there is no way to predict what sort of film you may find yourself in.

Will I get a credit?

Unlikely, but you may find yourself with a prominent enough role to get one. Many film actors have gained their break though Extras work.

Where do the films get shot?

Many of the films are shot in studios in and around London, but many are shot on location anywhere around the UK.

What’s a typical day like?

There are no typical days, though you are more than likely to start very early and finish very late! There are also long periods of waiting around for the scenes to be set up and taken down. That said, it can be incredibly varied and exciting. You may often have roles requiring you to take part in scenes with international film stars. The great thing about MFS, is that your roles are likely to be exciting ‘military’ ones, roles that will call upon your training and experience.

How will I get paid?

Questions about pay, employment status and the registration process are answered by reading the How It Works pages on the site and the Terms and Conditions PDF on registration .

If you still have other questions, please contact us via the main menu and we’ll find an answer for you.