Military Advisors

Most films need technical advice of some sort or other; this is especially so in films which have scenes of a military nature. How weapons are handled, fired or even just carried; how military cast or background walk, talk and hold themselves or how military equipment, vehicles or aircraft are used can either ensure the absolute reality of a film or can conversely destroy its credibility.

In order to ensure complete authenticity in your production MFS can provide bespoke military technical advisors. We cover land, aviation and maritime environments and within each of these can supply unique specialists. Our General Military Advisors can come in on a film at any stage, helping with script and story development, securing appropriate equipment or locations or giving on set advice during actual production. These general advisors all have many years of active service to their name, and in most instances can advise on all military aspects. Some films require more specialist help – a ‘military’ film about a sniper, for instance, would benefit hugely from a Specialist Military Advisor, in this case an actual ex-serving sniper, to provide training for the actors and advice during the shoot, which could extend to just a few hours.

In all cases we will tailor our support to your specific needs, offering you very competitive rates and assisting in you in your budget preparations. Please call or email to discuss any questions no matter how small or large your production is.

Our advisors will also be able to contribute advice with regard to your Health and Safety Risk Assessments when using military equipment, personnel or activities and will work with your own HS staff. We can provide all forms of Military Training to cast, background artists and, if necessary, crew; weapons handling, bearing, ‘lingo’, rank/rate structure, dress, marks of respect – as with most things in film it’s the small things that count.

We can also provide tailored Fitness Programs to cast and crew, including programs for lead actors in the lead-up to the principle shoot. Our support can also extend into Post Production, providing digital sound effects, Foley, dubbing or just a military critical eye in the edit.