What we do

As it says in the name; we provide military services to the film industry. This can take any form depending on your requirements. You can access our huge database of ex-military personnel, who can join your project as Extras and Advisors, or use our permanent staff, who can give script advice and locations support or who can source military equipment and hardware. We have worked on projects that require not much more than realistic 'fake' weapons all the way up to those those that need a manned aircraft carrier. Please have a look at the menus at the top of the site for more information, or read the T & Cs/How it Works for both Productions and Extras.

The main thing to take away is that we work on projects of any size. We can join at the concept stage, giving you script/story support, ensuring complete authenticity and realism in both dialogue (military speak, anecdotes etc), military tactics, correct kit and equipment etc. We can join your project right into production, when you realise you need an advisor on the shoot itself. Or we can join you in the post production phase - anywhere from letting the visual effects team know what the muzzle flash should look like, to helping the editor and director cut the most realistic edit.

The best way for you to see if we can help is to contact us. Either write a message in the 'Contact Us' links, email us at info@militaryfilmservices.com or call us on 0844 8706542.